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It is important to understand that having a Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account is not the only thing that constitutes a comprehensive social media strategy. We can help you determine which social media platform is best suited for your business needs.


Building a successful brand is not a one-time task, but rather an ongoing process. A brand that is consistent, memorable, and adaptable to the changing market and the needs of its consumers is what sets it apart from the rest. While social media does not equate to branding, it can be used as a tool to nurture and promote your business.


According to Grainne Kelly, Founder of BubbleBum, "Social media is essential for brand-building, as it is the most important and effective way to connect with consumers and give the company a human voice."


Social media marketing is an excellent way to reach a new group of targeted consumers. Advertising and management strategies on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn make it easy to target specific demographics such as age, industry, and interests.


Our marketing avenues include:


- Google+

- Facebook

- Instagram

- Online listings (creating various platforms to sell or list your business and products)

- Gumtree



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